Jay goes from strength to strength in BMX Racing

Jay started BMX racing since he was 9 years old. Jay’s dad, Scott Main, who has been a postman in East Kilbride Delivery Office for 24yrs, has followed in his son’s footsteps and is now also a champion himself finishing 6th nationally and qualifying for competing in Nantes next year.

Meanwhile Jay who is now 14yrs old and races for Cumbernauld Centurions. In his first-year racing as novice Jay won overall first place for the season, winning all his races. He then started racing as an expert in Scotland & North of England where he had to step up a gear to compete with the faster riders and has been going from strength to strength, year on year. Jay was chosen to be the flag bearer at the European Games for cycling which was a huge honour.

Through lockdown Jay continued to train and attend Zoom coaching sessions with Mark Seaman to ensure he remained race fit. Following an injury that he sustained in March 21, Jay was required to wear a knee brace for 10 weeks. On his first race back 1 week after getting his brace off he took his Cruiser bike round the track so he could pick up qualification rounds to make the British team (representing Scotland). With all age groups merged for the Cruiser, Jay was the youngest and Jay won the points for his age group, finishing 3rd overall.

Jay wants to make the World Championships (and eventually the Olympics one day) and knows he has a lot to work ahead of him. The world’s are within touching distance for him which will be another great opportunity and with the different class of riders again.

Jay is never on a normal bike so will only ever be on a bike at track which can be between 3-5 times per week or when his dad can take him to the bike trails.

The money that the Postal Family Fund provided went towards his new Cruiser bike. Maryanne, Jay’s mum, says “without the grant from the Postal Family Fund I would not have been able to have afforded the higher spec bike or all the zoom sessions which have allowed Jay to be in the position he is currently in”.

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