1.1. Serving Royal Mail (RM) or Post Office Ltd plc employees (who have parental responsibility for the young person) with a minimum length of Royal Mail or Post office Ltd service: 2 years continuous employment with Royal Mail or Post Office Ltd. Note: Temporary contracts that were made permanent can be included in the 2 yrs. Irregular casual or agency workers are not eligible.

1.2. RM plc, RM Statutory Pension scheme (& Post Office Ltd.) pensioners who have parental responsibility/residence order for the young person or have significant financial or emotional/psychological responsibility for that young person. We will require evidence of that support.

1.3. An application must be on behalf of a young person (see below 2.6 for age definition) who has formal permission to stay and study in UK for the full period of the course.

1.4. If the young person does not reside permanently with the applicant, then the financial information required will be that of the household in which the young person does live and any contribution made by the applicant to the maintenance of the young person must be shown separately under “other income” on the application form.

1.5. Please note multiple requests for bursaries from Postal Family Fund may be restricted at the discretion of Trustees to ensure fairness in the distribution of funds.

1.6. The first year may not be a gap year, in such a case the funding would only be applicable from the second year. If an award is made and the student decides to take a gap year or other period of absence from the course after completion of the first academic year then they must apply in writing to Postal Family Fund at the registered address of Postal Family Fund. Any such suspension and the conditions attaching to this will be at the discretion of the Trustees.

1.7. Three years is considered to be the normal duration of a course. If the course is longer than 3 years (excluding a gap or sandwich year) then a further application for an extension can be made to complete the course. The application would need to be made towards the end of the 3rd year. Extensions are entirely at the discretion of the Trustees and will depend upon available funding. Extensions should only be made for a continuation of the original course and not a new course or further qualification.


2.1. Those with an offer of a place at a university for entry at the start of the academic year 2024/25.

2.2. For those with an offer or place at an institution equivalent to a university (e.g. Drama/Horticultural College) we need evidence of the institution’s status and that of the course. The Trustees’ decision as to eligibility of the course is final. If a university is outside of the UK e.g. in the Republic of Ireland, awards are at the discretion of the Trustees as to the status of the application.

2.3. Study must be for a first degree or equivalent course. First degree normally means a bachelors or equivalent degree and in cases of dispute the Trustees will have the final decision. Those studying for a masters degree may be eligible, but only if the course is equivalent to a first degree, e.g. a four year undergraduate qualification. The Trustees will need to be satisfied that the masters degree course is a first degree equivalent.

2.4. A ‘foundation year’ course is eligible however it will count towards the total number of years awarded which is normally three years e.g. inclusive of that ‘foundation’ year.

2.5. Any other bursaries which have been awarded or applied for must be declared on the form.

2.6. When applying for a bursary the applicant must achieve the age criteria such that they were under 20 years of age when they started the first year of the course. That would mean first-year students should be under 20 and second-year students under 21 for example. Therefore, as a first-year student your 20th birthday must be after 31st of August 2024. If you are applying for a second or third year, it would be 31st August 2023 and 31st August 2022 respectively. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us on

2.7. Any employer/prospective employer-provided monetary sponsorship or bursary must be declared on the form.

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