1. How much is the bursary? 

Funding is up to £850 per child per year. The funding will not exceed £1,500 per household per year, regardless of the number of applications.

2. Who can apply?

The Applicant must be an employee or pensioner of Royal Mail or Post Office Ltd.

The Applicant must have parental (or substantial financial and emotional) responsibility for the young person for whom the bursary/grant is sought (but does not have to be a parent with residence). The award is made to the applicant, not the young person or student.

The applicant parent or person with parental responsibility must complete and submit the application form online.

3. Multiple and maximum number of applications. What is considered? 

Rising Star awards are capped at a maximum of three per child. Any applications from recipients of three or more Rising Star grants cannot be considered.

Applicants must leave at least 12 months between applications.

The trustees will consider multiple sibling applications from a single household. However, the Rising Star awards will not exceed £1,500 per household in a single year.

4. Who is eligible to receive a bursary?

The young person for whom the bursary/grant is sought must be under the age of 18 at the date of application. If the applicant is not the parent with residence, then the consent of the person with whom the child resides (or has a residence order) must be obtained before the application is made. The young person must be dependent on the parent(s) and must be in full time primary or secondary education or further education and not be in full time employment (paid or not). If in part time employment, then this must not exceed 16 hours per week.

The young person must have a special talent or passion in the arts (art, music, performance, literature), sport or other specialist area. There must be associated costs such as expensive equipment (including clothing and/or instruments), travel or dedicated coaching, which would otherwise pose financial difficulties for the family. The Trustees will consider the financial circumstances of the family.

The bursary is not available for existing and regular classes which the child may be attending either at school or with a qualified teacher or specialist school.

5. When are bursaries paid?

The applications will be assessed and moderated in batches every 3 months so please be aware that there may be a delay to receiving a final decision and payment. All applicants will be advised by email as to the status of their application.

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