Transforming lives through apprenticeship support.

Last year the Postal Family Fund launched its apprenticeship bursary scheme to support young people from postal families, who are seeking an alternative to university to gain experience and knowledge for their chosen careers.  This new financial package aims to remove the barriers to choosing an apprenticeship, by covering costs such as travel and specialist equipment.  It is primarily aimed at minimum-wage and low-wage apprentices.

Some of the schemes we are currently supporting include Plumbing, IT Support, Vehicle Repair, and Electrical apprenticeships. We look forward to sharing, in more detail, how Postal Family Fund support has impacted these apprentices’ journeys. Please keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, and Workplace for updates.

We are excited to be able to offer this scheme again in 2024 for students who are seeking to ‘learn on the job’ to succeed in their chosen career.

Is there a young person in your life who is interested in becoming an apprentice? Perhaps they dream of becoming a mechanic, hairdresser, jewellery maker, or something else. We have an Apprenticeship Bursary that could support them.

For more information and to check eligibility for your application, please visit


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