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University Bursary

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most often as to how your application will be assessed and decisions are made by the Trustees. See the full details of the University Bursary scheme and the eligibility criteria.

What does the Postal Family Fund assess?
We receive more applications than we have money to fund and therefore we have to make a decision as to which ones will be awarded a grant. The Trustees review the applications for evidence of hardship to a Royal Mail or Post Office Ltd employee's family with children (or a former employee receiving a pension and who has children).
What is the process for assessment?
How do the Trustees assess the application?
What are the Trustees looking for when assessing the application?
Is there an advantage in submitting an early application?
Do you expect more applications than the Postal Family Fund can fund this year?
When will I know the result of my application?
Can I obtain the result earlier than this date by telephoning or e-mailing the Postal Family Fund?
If I am successful when can I expect to receive the money?
If I am unsuccessful can I appeal this decision?
Will there be any feedback if I am unsuccessful?

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