University Bursary for postal family support

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Postal Family Fund is a small charity that supports the dreams and ambitions of children from postal families. We are committed to ensuring postal children have opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential. We do this by assisting families in challenging circumstances, supporting children to access education and enrichment activities, and funding essential equipment.

Helping young people through their apprenticeship journey

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Backing postal youth as they learn new skills, build confidence and resilience.

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University Bursary for postal family support

Breaking down barriers to further education

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Supporting postal family children with an exceptional talent or passion.

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Helping postal families with children who need extra support.

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A record number of families were supported by the Postal Family Fund in 2023

In 2023 the Postal Family Fund hit a new spend record of £537,000, supporting over 400 children at different times during the year. At the end of 2023 we were proud to be supporting 100 families with regular grants, 173 university students, 4 apprentices, 41 ‘Rising Star’ children with their talents and passions outside of school and 14 children undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh award.

We would also like to say a big thank you to PORF, CSiS and all our members for their continued support.

Meet the people we have helped

Harry, Darts’ next superstar

Harry’s father, spoke about Harry’s Rising Stars award and its impact.

‘It has helped Harry with his JDC Junior Darts Development, especially with travel expenses, without which we couldn’t afford it.’

We are proud to support Harry. Best of luck!

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Supporting our next generation of Golfers

‘All Amelia wants to do is play golf. She would like to eventually go to golf college then obtain her tour card. This award will assist Amelia on a step towards her ultimate goal. Thank you Rising Stars!’

We are delighted to offer our support to Amelia. Good luck!

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Chelsie lands dream paramedic job thanks to university bursary

After hearing about the scheme from a colleague, dad Graham Read applied for the award, which allowed his daughter to complete a three-year paramedic science degree. ‘I’d definitely recommend the Postal Family Fund…’ said Graham. Chelsie is now a qualified paramedic working for the South Western Ambulance service in Bristol.

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People Like Us - Esther authors book on mental health

Esther explores teens navigating their way through a technology dictated world and the impact it has on their mental health. It aims to provide comfort and advice to those who feel unsupported. The Rising Stars bursary allowed Esther to publicise her inspirational book.

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Jay goes from strength to strength in BMX Racing

The money that the Postal Family Fund provided went towards Jay’s new Cruiser bike. Maryanne, Jay’s mum, says “without the grant from the Postal Family Fund I would not have been able to have afforded the higher spec bike or all the zoom sessions which have allowed Jay to be in the position he is currently in”.

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A postman's son, Jay forges a career in top IT consultancy

Postal worker Manjit Ugra secured funding from the Postal Family Fund for his son Jay to study economics at the University of Birmingham. Jay said, ‘I’m hugely grateful to the Postal Family Fund. I’d saved up since I was born to go to university, but I still couldn’t have afforded to go without the extra help.’

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How to Apply

Your application will be dealt with in strict confidence. It will only be seen by members of the Postal Family Fund team.

Regular Grant Helpline

To apply for a Regular Grant, ring the Confidential Helpline on 0345 600 4586.
Open Mon to Fri 9am to 3pm.

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For all other bursary applications, please create a Postal Family Fund account to access your application form.


Unsure how to make an application? First take a look at the FAQs page. Or email us on

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Your help can make a difference. With your support and donations, we can help children of postal families to thrive and fulfil their full potential.

AGM 2024

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 2nd May 2024

Postal Family Fund will hold their Annual General Meeting at 185 Farringdon Road on Thursday May 2nd at 3.30pm.  Members wishing to attend should inform the business secretary in advance for details of how to join the meeting.  Please contact

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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The Postal Family Fund

Supporting postal families for over 150 years

Formerly known as The Post Office Orphans Benevolent Institution (POOBI), the Postal Family Fund is a charitable organisation established in 1870 by staff from the General Post Office (a forerunner of Royal Mail Group & Post Office Ltd). It was set up to help the families of their colleagues who faced hardship as a result of death or chronic illness or disability.

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The Rowland Hill Fund

We work very closely with the Rowland Hill Fund. The postal peoples charity will refer cases to us where it feels children are demonstrably impacted through parental death, absence, disability, chronic illness of parent or child, or other serious family issue which is restricting development.

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"The Postal Family Fund changed my life and I feel so lucky. The experience has been amazing and I'm really grateful. Without the grant I wouldn't have been able to do extra courses and events, which really helped me learn more about the profession."

Chelsie Read - Greenwich University Graduate

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